Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"To Dump or Not Too Dump?"

Always a difficult question this for many a seasoned motorhomer. We have over the years built up enough stuff in our motorhome to fill a medium bedroom or a large garage. Mostly we try and keep everything we need, minus food and clothes in the van ready to go. At least that way you remember most items. We usually take far too many clothes and always bring back at least two-thirds unworn. We are trying to improve here, although I'm not sure we will ever really get it "just right!"

With the arrival of Billi, we had already had a major cull removing items that had never or rarely been used. Putting things back presented another challenge. There were loads of lockers in Billie and a big under bed space. Plenty of room for all our items and more. Not wanting to bore I don't intend to give you a list of everthing we take but just the extras.

A gas and coal BBQ, table, comfy outside chairs,sitting at the table chairs X4, basic tool kit, walking boots, Ipads, Kindles, mobile phones, spare calor gas bottle, portable outdoor cooker and wok, assorted bats, balls and an 8 boules set, windbreakers, biking bags, these  are a few of our essentials. The items causing the biggest concern were the comfy chairs, table and windbreakers. Our windbreakers were the wooden pole type, well used over the years but with six hefty wooden poles and pretty tough fabric, they were heavy! Our chairs were the Lafuma recliners, in which many a happy hour had been spent lounging ( well sleeping actually, in the sun ) complete with waterproof bags, they were pretty lumpy and again heavy. The table was a big fold up oval table which took up loads of space.

We decided to dump the windbreaker, sitting at the table chairs, lafuma recliners ( now we could use these happily at home in the garden!) bats, balls etc. boules (to be replaced with a smaller set the next time we go to France) and  the large table. Having dumped most of the weight we replaced some of these items with two lightweight Lafuma chairs that could be left outside and an aluminium roll up table. The chairs we picked were reclining, but we decided that sleeping outside could be probably done on a beachmat! A lightweight windbreaker set in a bag, completed our new purchases.

Everthing fitted perfectly into the van with cupboards still free. Our final purchase would be "silver screens" for the windscreen.

We were now ready for our first trip a real "Baptism of Fire!" Billi would be put through his paces on a wet and wild weekend away. We would soon be finding out if the 10 year warrenty for body leaks really worked and if the bed was comfy!!

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