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This is a blog about our journey and progress as motorhome owners. We are not fanatical about our travels, use campsites mainly in the UK and France and usually have one big holiday a year, around three weeks and small weekend breaks away. My name is Lesley, I write the blogs, navigate and generally "help", I convince myself that I could drive the van in an emergency one of these days I WILL....soon!  Den my husband of 40 years, is driver, technician, mender and fixer, also can do the odd BBQ. I am a retired primary Headteacher from a large multi-cultural school in Bristol, now I don't have to worry about anything to do with education! I run our on-line businesses selling traditional toys called Magic Dragon Toys, we also sell kitchen accessories on Ebay and Amazon. Den still works full-time in the aircraft business, which limits our travels in the van. I am trying to persuade him to retire. We are pretty ordinary people really, hoping to enjoy some time to ourselves and do a bit of travelling on the way!

We have owned motorhomes since  around 1988. We started with a VW, much loved, we got the double bed and our two kids the tents! In our VW we toured mainly around France fully ladened with 4 bikes and three sailboards as well as all the extras for two adults and two kids! Looking back on it, we must have been well over the limit for weight.

Our second motorhome was an Elddis Autoquest. A great little van on a 2L petrol engine. A toilet, shower, hob and oven was  great luxury then. We hardly used the shower but it was great for storage, the dance of the wet shower curtain put us off a bit, so it was sites with good loo blocks and hot showers. The luton minus the matress was a fabulous storage area and our kids preferred to be out in the tents. Again well laden with two teenagers and all their "essentials" plus sailboards and bikes. We staggered around France in the summer whilst weekends were spent sailing around a gravel pit near Tewkesbury and camping by the lake at Croft Farm, happy days!

As the kids left home we yearned for a bit of luxury and a "lump free" bed. We splashed the cash, on a new Pilote Galaxy, loads of storage, heating and a great shower! Dark blue upholstery, bike rack, air con and a tow bar, we even got the safari room ( used twice!) A great little van perfect for loading the wine  underneath, in the days when French wine was cheap. Two luxury Lafuma lounging chairs and we were set for many a sleepy snoozes in the sun. Touring France in the summer and weekends away when we could, our little Pilot was a great getaway van. Now bedtime decended from above and although some athletic prowess was needed for the toilet trip at midnight, to climb out of bed, we didn't actually need the ladder! Time moves on and we progressed from a nifty buggy on tow, to a Smart car and trailer. Really handy for shopping and the beach.

Nine years later, we began the search for a new baby and Billi the Bailey was born! Delivered after an uneventful birth this April to two proud new owners! Child free, well nearly we can't take the Granchildren no seatbelts, we are free to have our own adventures! Who knows what's round the corner?

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