Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Midweek Break in the Cotswolds.

Being a totally well organised kind of person.....NOT. I left it until the last minute to book a few days away. I phoned a few places, but being the school holidays everywhere was full. So, "No room at the inn!" Billi may have to spend a holiday on the drive. Finally, on the off chance, I tried the Caravan Club Site at Moreton-In Marsh. Yes, spaces available on hardstanding, so I booked three nights. I have tried in the past to get onto this site but usually draw a blank with no spaces available. Great we thought, right near a small town, lovely surroundings we had been led to believe, an ideal short break.

We packed the food and wine and off we went! It's very strange once we set our van off in holiday mood, all our neighbours collectively decide to go out, or come in, en masse. Slightly problematic that, as we live in a cul de sac and shuttling two cars and a van in and out is a logistics exercise that works well ... usually. The journey was uneventful and Billi trundled up the motorway and through the Gloucestershire countryside without any problems. The campsite proved easy to find and was brilliantly placed for the town. We filled the water tank and found a pitch. Surprisingly, the  site had quite a few spaces, the facilities were usual high Caravan Club standards. We had read that some of the pitches were a bit narrow, ours was huge. The only slight moan was the road noise, although it was only minor. If you do use this site, get there early.

Nice large easy Reception Area, made for caravans. Bunting and flags out, just for Billi's visit, on reflection maybe the Queen had something to do with it!

Up the park. Nice large pitches for nice large vans. I'm afraid at this point my camera's battery went to sleep. Sadly the picture of the bunnies on the park was rubbish so I left it out! I nearly took the picture of the Elf & Safety sign, which said something about beware of bunny holes when walking in the park, visions of tumbling down one like Alice in Wonderland, spring to mind. The Elves were certainly at work here, there were signs everywhere! Tidy Crazy Golf on this site, no palm trees though. Good children's play area and very clean toilets with temperature adjustments, we did try the showers out!

Our first afternoon was beautiful and we sat outside twice in the sunshine. We had booked three nights, but sadly gave up at two ( due to adverse weather conditions ) and drove home in the second worst rain storm we have had. If we were going to sit with our feet up infront of the telly, we would be better off doing it at home.

Would we go there again? Well possibly, the site was OK and easy to walk into town, but not much else to do, unless you have a car or transport with you. Handy bus stop for Oxford outside the site. We would have gone to a nearby (4 miles) National Trust house but no buses went that way and then it started to rain!! Lots of restaurants and pubs, so we could have gone on a pub crawl. We did enjoy the couple of days and went to an interesting RAF Museum outside the site,we had a late breakfast for two days trying out the local eateries. It said in the site info TV reception was a problem, ours was fine although we did have to do a re- tune to pick up BBC. Overall an enjoyable couple of nights away, a bit more sunshine would have brightened our view of the place I think!

Billi is turning into a real "worst weather" babe, hope he gets the chance to put on his summer clothes soon, we want to use the awning! The van does stay beautifully warm and dry, without the mustiness you sometimes feel though. Hopefully, we may be able to try out our air- con soon and give it a proper test.

Planning our next trip. We have unburied the trailer, so perhaps Billi may have a little friend to take on holiday with him soon.

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