Sunday, 1 July 2012

Billie has a Bath & Extras Again!

We have been very quiet recently and because the weekend weather has been so dismal, after Moreton -in- Marsh, we have had two weekends at home.  For those who may be slightly interested, Billie also had his first bath. Like every good parent we made sure it was a warm day, not too much wind and no chance of a shower. The bit about the shower and wind was crucial, as I love my husband too much, to have him washed off the roof, or like Incy Wincy, washed down the plughole! A squashed spider would mean, no holidays and trips out for Billie and "nursing duties" for me instead. We checked, well I checked, with Chipping Sodbury Caravans first, to ensure it was safe for the spider on the roof! After all, falling off was one thing, falling through a self made hole in the roof could make dealing with the insurance company, well......difficult!

I hold the ladder and give instructions. Den, dances about on the roof with the mop and bucket. I feel better if I hold the ladder and pass the hose around and feel less guilty because, at least I appear to be "helping". Finally, after a lot of reeling and unreeling of hoses, Billie was back to his clean and shiny self and then it rained! Generally speaking not too bad to clean and the reduction in silicon sealing means, not so many black marks. We will save the polishing for another day.

Time to reappraise our "extras". We had a number of "bits & bobs" fitted onto Billie to make him happy and well turned out and us comfortable!

Air-con: Essential for hotter climes Spain, South of France and the UK if the sun shines. We gave up one of the inside roof lights for this. Makes very little difference we feel to the inside, we used the sklight over the kitchen area.

This unit works really well it blows warm as well as cold air. We have tried it out and it appears fine, will report back when we have had extended holiday use.

Ladder : Essential to get spider and husband onto the roof. This is a Fiamma one which we had fitted to the rear of the van. It fits neatly next to the bike rack.

Gaslow system: We had two bottles fitted a 6kg & an 8kg, as these fitted neatly into the locker. The plastic stand was taken out. The filler was fitted neatly into the side of the body near the locker. All done by Van Bitz.

The gauges make life so much simpler, as we can now see when we need to fill up. A plus point is that if we ever change the van we can take the expensive kit out!

Satellite TV: A real luxury and one we could have managed without! Easy to tune in and a very neat job on the roof. Nestling happily next to the aircon unit. Another trip hazard for the spider. Van Bitz again!

Towing Trailer for the Smart. I will take a picture of Billie and Smartie together when I get a moment. In the meantime, Billie and the trailer.

The Smart trailer tows happily behind Billie and loads and unloads without too much stress. Toad or tow may be a topic for another day. We braved the road this weekend and Billie had his first tow. Smartie enjoyed it ;)

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