Sunday, 1 July 2012

Brean, Weston-Super-Mare and Country Music.

A strange combination you may think and you would be right. An action packed weekend with sunshine, showers,loads of walking, piers, chips and cowboys.

We decided that with a ferry to France booked very shortly, we really needed to try out Billie and the trailer. We waited until Friday afternoon to book a pitch at our old favourite, Unity at Brean. We waited for the weather to cheer up and finally on Friday afternoon decided to go for gold! Following the school run, we knew we could not get away until around 5.30pm. So as soon as Den got home, we loaded the van and pulled out the trusty trailer. Smartie had been buffed and preened and was ready for the weekend away. Billie didn't know what was coming, but was soon ready with his towbar in place!

With Smartie safely on board we were off. Towing proved much as usual and soon we were on the M5 heading South. Billie towed smoothly with little puffing, panting and the odd sway. As long as Den watched the corners, we cruised along arriving at the campsite around 6.30pm. Safely on the pitch with Smartie unloaded and the trailer safely stowed behind us, over Fish & Chips from Alan's Take Out, we planned the weekend.

The following morning we were off for a little exploration further afield. We had driven through Burnham- On -Sea, but sadly never stopped, so now we set off to Burnham and breakfast. A nice surprise greeted us, a pretty prom and nice beach with loads of parking. We parked in Morrisons and did a bit of shopping which paid for the parking! Good tip for any visitors, motorhome parking in Morrisons car park, there is a dedicated motorhome bit, though no overnight parking! It looked like some motorhomers couldn't read.

Smartie on the prom at Burnham-on Sea. All alone.

Across the sea- front at Burnham. The beach was deserted and the sun came out, we wished we had brought a picnic!

Following breakfast at a local cafe, brilliant value at well under a tenner, we headed back towards Brean. The sun was still out and we drove all the way out to Brean Down, parking in the National Trust car park ( that was £3.00 off our membership for this year), feeling smug, we headed to the beach. The scenery here is beautiful, we climbed the steps to the top of the downs to survey the scene and then the rain came down, hard and very wet!!

 The beach at Brean.
 Yes , we did climb to the top and the view was worth it!
This was just after the rain storm.

Fired off by our new expertise in mountain climbing and hill walking, we decided to go to Weston for a bit more "seaside" The drive was lovely, around 8 miles by the scenic route, we were glad we were in Smartie and not Billie. We arrived in Weston and did what all Brits do, went for a refreshing walk along the prom. We checked out the new pier inside and out, visited the marine lake and ate chips in the rain! We drew the line at paddling in the sea, going on the donkeys and making sandcastles, but loads of other vistors did just  that, despite the weather. 

 Inside the new pier. Beautifully done and very busy.
 The donkeys looked so much better fed than I remembered!

 "We will have a paddle come what may."
 "What's a bit of driving rain and freezing wind? "
"We've all got our umbrellas and macs."

Weston Pier and the great British Summer.

We had a great day out and went back to the campsite for a night out. Now, most of our great nights in are usually sleeping in front of the telly, however I was determined we would take advantage of the "entertainment." At around 9pm following all that sea air, we headed for "The Tavern" and  Country & Western Night. The Country & Western theme should have alerted us to what was going on, after all there was evidence around the site of cowboy & cowgirl, things happening. The queue at the bus stop left us feeling very under dressed, but we were not expecting what we found, when we got the "The Tavern". The room was packed with ( shall I say politely) people of "senior years" having a YeeHa time! The boot bill alone would have paid for a few weeks in the South of France. There were hats, tassels, waist- coats, legs, bulges and rhinestones everywhere. All shapes and sizes were squeezed into or out of, every kind of wild west outfit, complete with guns, feathers and swagger. Line dancing was the order of the day.

The question I wanted to ask was, how did they know which dance to do? The whole thing had a macabre facination about it, but everyone was having a great time and the music was good. There was a strange quasi religious moment in the middle where everyone sort of stood in a cirle around the flags, while Elvis was played singing Dixieland. What that was about we had no idea, but it seemed to be taken very seriously, all the men took their hats off! Mmmm......very odd. Some kind of patriotic salute to something maybe? The problem is this is the UK not the USA, although I don't suppose anyone cared that much. Still, a good excuse for a sniff and the chance to fire their pop guns and have some fun!

 We had a few drinks, tapped our feet and then went home to bed. September is the next Country and Western event, we may go back ???

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