Friday, 18 May 2012

Billie Bailey Is Born!

With great trepidation and a lot of excitement, we set off in our Pilote to get Billi. We had a lot of good times in our Pilote, so although we were sorry to see her go, it was time to move on. We hope she will find a new home very soon as she was well looked after and is a great little van. So goodbye Pilote and welcome Billi Bailey!

Billie Bailey was all ready for us, suited, booted, badged up, taxed with all the extras and ready to go! Finally, as Goldilocks thought "Just Right!"

 We had already transferred the money, so he was officially ours. Terry at Chipping Sodbury Caravans spent ages with us, making sure we understood how everything worked and being very patient. As usual Den understood all things technical and I understood most of it, making all the right noises anyway! Not wanting to sound or act like " the little wifey" we do have an equal partnership. I decide where we are going and if we can afford it, Den drives, fixes any bits that fall off and does everything "van", while I read the instuction books and give directions. With a bit of bickering we usually get there in the end.

Quickly, before the Three Bears returned or the Bank Manager changed his mind, we  were off. We filled up with diesel (first trauma in a strange garage) and set off to the motorway to bond with the new baby. We only live a few miles from the dealership but the motorway though longer, is less taxing for a new drive. Den performed stoically as usual and we got Billie on the drive without too much drama, he fitted perfectly! After giving the obligatory "audience" to any neighbours that wanted to look around we set about fitting all our belongings back in the right places I could already feel the "checkbook urge" coming on. More decisions to be made and undoubtably more money to be spent! After all Billie had to be dressed inside as well as out, a new baby needs loads of bits and pieces, all absolutely neccessary of course.


The first trip away beckoned, but first what to dump and what to keep, decisions, decisions...........then, The Christening.

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