Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Trashy But Fun!

It is always so easy to pre-judge things and get it completely wrong. In our time we have been to so many campsites and the worst ones have been the organised "Hi De Hi" type. The second worst experience we have had was last year in a nearly lovely campsite in Crickhowell, when the couple from hell, ruined our last weekend in our old van.

 Again "pre-judgement!" These were no "larger louts" "large family groups with loads of kids" or "teenagers on the razzle". No, the perpetrators, were perfectly normal middle aged couples, in perfectly normal caravans, with large voices,making phone calls in loud voices, constant swearing and drinking till midnight without stop, right under our window! To cap it all, we are quite partial to a bit of country music, but not 24/7! Their idea of a great night socialising would have been fine in their own back garden. We bit our lips, but maybe we should have been more American and complained loudly...that's life. We thought, a nice quiet campsite would be "nice and quiet!" How wrong can you be?

So here we were on a very large brash campsite in Brean Somerset ( see the link) If we had just read the write up, it would have been the last place we would go. However, we were going to Davan Caravans to buy Billi a new silver screen and this was the nearest campsite we could find, so it was for convenience rather than comfort. Living in Bristol most of our lives, sadly we had never ventured to this part of the coast. What a great surprise it proved to be.

Booking was painless,we arrived with trepidation. A very easy reception to manoeuvre, loads of room and well organised.We queued briefly with the happy campers and got our welcome pack and of course our passes for  "the entertainment". Den nobly drove Billi in through the barrier, while I jumped out and tried our gate pass, it worked and we were in!  We navigated to the Yellow Field and were efficiently allocated a massive pitch with all services. The toilet block was very clean and heated. Although a massive site, it felt friendly and was very quiet. We tried all the facilities including the supermarket, Chinese Takeaway, Cafe and Bar. We walked all around the site looking at the statics with their gardens and the lake with it's ducks. Berrow beach is lovely and strolling on the sand looking for the sea, made us feel we were on holiday.We had a nose around Brean Leisure Park and Splash Pool and explored the genuinely trashest market in the world. In all, it was so lovely, we have now been back three times, the "loyality bonus" makes it a relatively cheap weekend and it's less than an hours drive. Last weekend, with the sun blistering we could have been on the Med.........well dream on!

We will definately be back soon. We have to see how Billi tows, so he will have to make friends with our Smart car very soon, that will be another story. Next week Den has a week off, we will avoid the Bank Holiday crush but who knows we may sneak in a few quiet days somewhere. We still haven't walked to Brean Down yet, or been on the new pier at Weston -Super- Mud.

On the beach at Berrow. A really easy stroll from the campsite. Tide out of course.Is it ever in? Well yes, twice a day. Check the board in the car park by the beach.

Rest and relaxation. Tide in for once. Enjoying the view and more.What's more the drinks are quite cheap and you don't feel you've been ripped off.

No, not the Med, a few very tasteful plastic palm trees in The Jungle, Mini Golf.
There is a very nice proper golf course opposite the site for those who are seriously active and a Pitch & Put, for those who aren't.

Large very flat pitches with all the services. Billi's drains work very well. A quick tune up by Chipping Sodbury Caravans and his waterworks are back to normal. Phew!

Cosying up with the new silver screens on. Worth the money and they take up so little room because they fold flat.

Back on the beach, we went on a huge hike and then back along the road by the golf course. Easy walking really, as the sand is well compacted, just a little scramble over the dunes at the end.

The moral of this tale is, there's nothing wrong with a bit of "Hi De Hi" or "The Piglet Club" Bingo and The Cabaret..there's even a bus to the entertainment for those who can't stagger home. No we didn't try it, there's always next time.

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